Mission, vision and values

Our mission, vision and values

Our vision is the purpose that identifies a person who has gone through the experience of the Salesian charism.

Our Mission

There is no doubt that the mission of the young alumni and alumnae cannot and should not be different from that of the rest of the older alumni, as defined in Chapter One of our Bylaws.

The youth objectives are framed and designed by each local association to which we belong and must be fulfilled by all its members, regardless of their age. Planning and scheduling these objectives in terms of the needs of each local association is essential.

Our Mission

Young people are a fundamental part of each local entity. First, because of our DNA – you would not understand a Salesian family group without young people ̶ . Second, for the sheer survival of the adult group and third, for the energy, joy and sometimes innovation and change we bring. We young people are always at the forefront.

Taking into account these features, the youth sections or youth groups have the autonomy to mark our own path, always under the supervision and support of the more experienced people in the association.


Undoubtedly, the young men and women of the Don Bosco Alumni/ae of Spain are waiting for you with open arms. Come and share with us our calendar of activities.

Our vision

We participate in the activities of Don Bosco Alumni/ae at the world, confederal or national, regional and, above all, local levels.

World meetings are those in which we strengthen the bonds of fellowship and work and share common objectives among the various countries in which each nation is located. We currently belong to the world nation of Europe and the Middle East. There are four global youth representations in the world and they are Asia, America, Africa and Europe and the Middle East.

The national meetings are those in which we gather the different young people from all the regions of Spain and currently there are 6 regions throughout Spain. We take advantage of these moments as a bridge of union and fraternal communication among the different regions.

The annual regional meetings are the moments when the associations of the same region come together to share the progress made and to strengthen new common projects. Although each local association has its own context, these meetings take the opportunity to report on what each local association has done to further strengthen communication and support among us. A region not only represents a single autonomous unit of the 17 autonomous communities that currently exist in Spain together with its two cities with statute of autonomy, but normally a region of Don Bosco Alumni/ae is made up of various autonomous communities, so that greater strength in the movement can be obtained from this.


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