Who we are

It is Don Bosco himself, his educational system and his mission, who gives unity and brings all its members together in communion, since we are members of the Salesian Family, by virtue of the education we have received and our fidelity to Don Bosco.

Who are we?

Although the answer is not easy, we will try to answer by first mentioning three traits that legally define us:

  1. We are young adults under 30 years of age.
  2. We belong to a local association of Don Bosco Alumni and Alumnae of the more than 60 that exist throughout Spain.
  3. As young members of a group of the Salesian family, we are members of the Salesian youth ministry and also belong to the Salesian youth movement.

But being a young alumnus and alumna is so much more. The Salesian offer of the different groups for young people is very wide and being part of the alumni is not an impediment to want to be in other environments as well as in this one. In addition, it is very important to emphasize the fact that being a Past Pupil of Don Bosco does not mean having studied in a Salesian school and currently being an alumnus or alumna, but refers to all those active and passive agents who have belonged to the Salesian work at some point in their lives, either as direct formators or as recipients of any of the Salesian environments that may be in the same Salesian work, such as the school, the youth center, the oratory, the brotherhood, the parish, the shelter, the Salesian NGO, Salesian cooperators, etc. And today these young people want to be associated so as not to lose contact with the Salesian movement and values, or they want to broaden their field of participation. Being currently linked to one environment does not exempt you from belonging to another at the same time.

However, if there is one feature that uniquely sets us apart from other environments, it is that we are a civil association. This means that all the different social concerns have a place in our association. We like to live in society through the development and application of Salesian values, but we do not focus only on the religious aspect, but we go beyond, broadening paths and approaching all the multiple realities that may have happened within any Salesian house and we accommodate and welcome each and every one of these realities.


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